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safety unit maintenance


You may have seen safety units which are now located along the river Thames in places such as Higginson Park, Bondig Bank, The Bounty etc.  We need to ensure that these are maintained well so thay they are always on hand ready to be used if they need to be.

Below you can see pictures of our units showing the window to the right of the picture which is open, showing the unit has not been used or tampered with.  If this has been opened there will be a white tab which drops into place, this does not mean that the unit has had the yellow torpedo removed but we would be grateful if you could check the unit still has the torpedo inside whilst you are passing.  If it does then please close the unit and flip the little white tab back up, if the yellow torpedo is missing please email us and let us know at so that we can get someone out to replace this immediately.

Thank you 

Ky22 Crew

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