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Our mission has always been:

Firstly, to site water safety equipment along the Marlow stretch of The River Thames in order to make The River a safer place for everyone. 

Secondly, to raise awareness of water safety through practical education. 


In 2014 Kyrece's Legacy approached Wycombe District Council (WDC), landowners and societies responsible for land adjacent to the Marlow stretch of the River Thames and Glasdon UK , the leading UK company manufacturing water safety equipment.  WDC agreed to site water safety equipment in local parks with water frontage and many landowners allowed the charity to install water safety units on their land.


Glasdon UK worked closely with Kyrece's team to produce these units and very generously made a Chelsea blue unit, in honor of Kyrece to mark the sandy bay where he sadly lost his life and his love of Chelsea FC. 

On the 1st anniversary of Kyrece passing the Legacy Team began to site these units.


Today, as we approach the summer of 2020, almost 6 years after losing Kyrece and with the support of the local community, together, we have sited 28 water safety units! Stretching from Temple Lock to Cookham Reach Sailing Club.

The community, friends of Kyrece, continue help maintain the units practically and through donations. 

We continue to add water safety units to this number.

In 2017, Kyrece's Legacy began to support school swimming and water safety lessons, prioritising children who are most likely to only access swimming and water safety lessons through a school environment.

In partnership with Wycombe Leisure Centre/Places for People High Wycombe and Court Garden Leisure Centre Marlow, Kyrece's Legacy have supported 3 local primary schools.

In 2019 the charity successfully launched 'Wise up to Water' water safety lessons for the whole community, again with the support of Places for People in High Wycombe and Marlow.

Kyrece's Legacy plan to provide 'Wise up to Water' again in 2020.

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