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The first day of the school summer holidays, 22nd of July 2014, was a hot, sunny, beautiful day.

Kyrece Francis and 17 friends decided to find a secluded spot where they could play football, listen to music and cool off by The River. They settled in a large field alongside The River Thames that had a sandy bay which looked really shallow. They were having so much fun. Some of the children including my son ventured out to swim to a central island, this is when Kyrece got into difficulties in the water. Many attempts were made by his friends to rescue him but sadly he tragically lost his life. There were no signs warning people not to swim and no warnings about the hidden under currents, no safety equipment nearby.


The lives of Kyrece's family and friends have been turned upside down, we are devastated. Kyrece was a beautiful kind boy, with a huge bubbly personality. He was always full of life with a huge infectious smile. Kyrece was very popular, he had friends in all walks of life. Kyrece played for a local under 14's football team and also trained with a local football academy, football was his passion. 


Kyrece's tragic accident was reported nationally, as well as by local media and by a local radio station.  His death not only shocked us, his family and friends but shocked the whole community.

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